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12, August 2013Credit Card payment, Conveniens Stores Payment, Docomo mobile payment are now available!

(This information is only for Japanese regidence.)
Acceptable Creditcard: visaMasterCarddiners
Available Stores: Seiko Mart, Lowson, Mini-Stop, Sunks, Circle K, Daily Yamazaki, Family Mart.

12, June 2013Introduced on Japanese TV program

Draw Me! has been introduced on Japanese TV program Audrey’s God Appli broadcast on 12, June 2013 2:10 AM.

Introduced on Japanese TV program  Introduced on Japanese TV program  Introduced on Japanese TV program  Introduced on Japanese TV program  Introduced on Japanese TV program  Introduced on Japanese TV program

27, May 2013Illustrator selection become more easy by new UI

[Search Artists by style]
Draw Me! has started with 60 artists since April, 2013. Now more than 130 artists are joined and more than 700 sample works are uploaded.
Though it's good to have many choices, this makes customers hard to find favorite artists. So we added Style Option on artists search, so that customers can search sample works by its style such as [Manga Style], [Realistic Style], or [Serious Style], etc.

[Now artists know which sample you liked]
On Draw Me!, artists register multiple style of sample works.
When a customer click(tap) on favorite artwork, artists would know which sample customer has chosen. So customers will receive portrait in their favorite style.

[Improved User Interface]
We improved UI of artist search and make it easy to find favorite artists. On smartphones or tablets, large size of sample images can be switched by swiping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does "Draw Me!" works?

Draw Me! doesn't need your registration. Simply send us your photo and email address and your order can be made.

1. Select an Artist
2. Upload a Photo
3. Send Email Address and your requirement
4. Pay by Credit Card through Paypal
5. The Artist draw the portrait illustration within seven days
6. When the illustration has been completed, you will be notified by email and you can download it!

Who are artists?

They are illustrators who wishes to take offers from Draw Me!. Most of them are Japanese illustrators who are available in Skillots, a website which provides design and illustration service.

How my photo and name, email address treated?

We carefully receive, store, and protect your photo and personal info as following in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

[When you select illustration ond made an order]
-Artists will see the photo and your name for reference of drawing. Artists will not know your email address.
-Our staff will see your photo, name and email only for the purpose of supporting.
-Only when you permit it, we will show your photo on the Gallery.

[When you apply for Ask Someone for FREE!]
-Your photo and name will show to artists of Skillots. You can delete the photo anytime you want following the instruction which we send when you apply.

Can I pay by other than credit card?

If you are Japanese residence, Docomo mobile payment, convenience stores payment, and bank transfer are available.

I want to ask illustrations for advertisement.

At Draw Me!, you cannot have meetings with artists nor ask revisions. This makes your order of illustrations for your business difficult. For requests which needs deep communication with artists, please consider to use Skillots.